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Computerized Management Services, Inc. is primarily focused on providing billing services. In order to provide this service, the company has developed a world-class technical infrastructure that allows it to: collect all source documents (patient & insurance information and physician reports) electronically; code the encounters associated with these documents electronically with CPT-4 and ICD-10 codes using a natural language coding engine; submit the resulting claims electronically; and receive the resulting remittances electronically.

This world-class technical infrastructure is complemented with state-of-the-art processes that are designed to optimize the probability of collecting funds due and managed using sophisticated analytical tools. The company's focus on radiology allows it to tune its world-class infrastructure and state-of-the-art processes to the heavily nuanced field of radiology. This sensitivity has allowed it to become a true leader in its field.

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Radiology Billing Services for Southern California and the American Southwest

Computerized Management Services, Inc. specializes in radiology billing services. We provide our clientele with cutting edge technical infrastructure that collects source documents such as physician reports, insurance information, and other forms of electronic health records. Our software and programming services code various medical documents electronically with  CPT-4 and ICD-9 codes by using a natural language coding engine.

Our powerful programs assist radiology based practices with claims billing services and overall assistance with billing in a radiology based practice. We provide the tools to simplify all aspects involved with patient billing services and can provide simplifications for dealing with payments pertaining to Medicare billing services, Medi-Cal billing services, and other healthcare provider services.

Staff members can enter information and will quickly and effortlessly receive the electronic health records pertaining to healthcare billing services, collections, and forms of much needed information. Our processes are designed to increase and improve the chances of collecting past due funds; this improvement almost always simplifies the healthcare billing services process. Our analytic tools are sophisticated and provide additional support in all aspects of radiology billing services.

Our company’s focus on radiology, along with its dedication to providing the most advanced electronic medical billing and medical coding services has granted us the opportunity to grow into the  true leader in our industry. Our tools simplify claims billing services and can be utilized to accurately and effectively assist with collecting payments from healthcare providers such as Medicare billing services, Medi-Cal billing services, and other healthcare major healthcare providers.

Additional Services

In addition to our electronic medical billing and patient billing services, Computerized Management Services, Inc. provides a wide array of ancillary services. These additional services are mainly used to provide additional support to medical billing services, yet they provide more applications than just simple support.

Our additional ancillary services can be used to assist with a practice’s credentialing services to business development. Our tools ease the burden of internal medical billing services for hospital-based radiology, centers, clinics, and practices that need a concise, user friendly and powerful patient billing service.

Simplify your hospital-based radiology practice, clinic, or imaging centers’ billing services. Computerized Management Services, Inc. can provide you with the tools to easily manage billing and other related services. Our tools are found in radiology practices in Southern California and areas throughout the Southwest.