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Our Clients
Our Clients

Computerized Management Services, Inc. focuses on the needs of hospital-based radiology groups and imaging centers. The company is located in Southern California and provides services to clients located throughout the southwest. Some of our clients are quite small and consist of a handful of radiologists providing services at a single hospital or imaging center. Others are quite large and consist of a significant number of radiologists providing services at multiple hospitals and multiple imaging centers.

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We Assist Radiology Practices in Southern California and the American Southwest

Computerized Management Services, Inc. successfully assists hospital-based radiology practices, clinics, groups, and imagining centers by implementing software and practices to improve efficiency and revenue generation. Most radiology practices that we assist knew there were issues in their internal processes and practices, but few realized how much effort, time, and money was being wasted by practicing ineffective processes.

Improve Overall Radiology Business Management

Even if you believe that the businesses foundations and practices of your business are solid, an unbiased third party view can never hurt. A business consultant with specialized knowledge in the areas of radiology business management can identify problem areas that may be affecting overall effectiveness and implement solutions to correct underperforming aspects of a practice.

We have been assisting with Radiology business management since the 1980s and we’ve never lost a client. We know that no two hospital-based clinics or imaging centers will have the same issues. That’s why we provide unique and personalized analysis for every client that will remove the complications out of billing procedures and improve the efficiency of standard practices.

Radiology Practice Management

Proper radiology practice management includes all things from the billing department to equipment management. A radiology business is a busy place and taking time to deal with complex and unintuitive software or antiquated procedures can take up precious time that could be better allocated elsewhere.

We provide the necessary tools to simplify billing and internal processes for a radiology business, while improving patient turnover and increasing payments received. Radiology practice management can be complex but it doesn’t have to be that way. Contact us and learn how our professionals can assist you with your radiology practice management.

Computerized Management Services, Inc. services hospital-based radiology practices in Southern California and numerous states throughout the Southwest. We have the tools and skills needed to improve the overall success of a radiology practice.