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Corporate Profile
Corporate Profile

Computerized Management Services, Inc. is a medical management company that focuses exclusively on serving the needs of radiologists. In this capacity the company provides a suite of business services that help hospital-based radiology groups and imaging centers maximize the revenue streams entering their practices. The core service offered is billing. That said, the company also offers the full spectrum of complementary services. Examples are payer contracting services, payer credentialing services, and business development services.

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Medical Management Professionals Serving Southern California and Areas throughout the American Southwest

Computerized Management Services, Inc.’s medical management professionals assist radiologists and the practices they serve with billing, coding, and collection services. Our team of professionals has the tools and resources needed to properly assist a hospital-based radiologist with all aspects of the practice. From handling billing and collections to implementing changes that can increase productivity and employee effectiveness, our team is qualified and dedicated to provide exceptional medical solutions for our exceptional clients.

If medical management professionals are something you want to utilize for your hospital-based radiology or imagining center, contact us to learn how we can help improve your practice.

Medical Management Company for Southern California and the American Southwest

Computerized Management Services, Inc. is dedicated to providing the highest quality and most effective tools that simplify business procedures and streamline business processes. We believe it is the responsibility of all businesses to serve the needs of society and increase profits and to effect measurable business improvements.

We are a medical management company that supplies the tools, resources, and expert advice for a wide array of complications that are faced by radiologists. We have never lost a client and we have built strong, long-term relationships with key suppliers in the industry.

If a practice needs a tested and experienced medical management company that will not only provide solutions but will also offer lucid analysis and comprehensive and intuitive support tools, contact us to learn how we can better assist you.

Assisting Clients with Radiology Management

There are numerous impasses that a radiology management professional has to consider. From juggling the various compliances and coding issues to ensuring timely reception of payments due, the average hospital-based radiology clinic has a myriad of issues to weigh and consider. However, with the right guidance, correct tools, and necessary experience, these issues can be corrected to enhance revenue and a practice’s efficiency. Our full complement of Radiology management services and tools simplifies complex tasks and generates increased revenue.

Billing is at the core of our services. Radiology billing companies assist clients with efficiently integrating best billing practices into current procedures. We utilize software to streamline billing practices. Additionally, we provide payer contracting services, payer credentialing services, and business development services, all of which can improve revenue and improve efficiency.

Computerized Management Services, Inc. is a group of medical marketing professionals that is dedicated to serving hospital-based radiology clinics, practices, and imaging centers located throughout all of Southern California and areas of the American Southwest including Utah, New Mexico, Nevada, and Arizona.