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Ancillary Services
Ancillary Services

Computerized Management Services, Inc. also provides a number of ancillary services intended to support its billing services. These services include credentialing services, provider number services, payer contracting services, business development services and general management consulting services. Each of these services are specifically designed to assist the company's clients realize the full value of their practices.


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Business Development Services for Southern California and the American Southwest

Business development services include a wide array of different tasks and processes that assist a business with identifying opportunities for growth. In today’s economy and marketplace, the need for qualified and dedicated business development services has grown. Businesses all around the country are looking for ways to improve internal processes, increase growth, and achieve success. The highly competitive field of radiology medical practices is no exception to that rule.

Credentialing Services

Medical credentialing is an in-depth and time-consuming process. It is commonly used to verify information pertaining to medical staff and physicians; while this might be a tedious process, it is still an important aspect of every medical practice.

Credentialing services guarantees that the experience and past history of incoming and existing employees is in fact genuine. Credentialing is also used by various states and many leading insurance providers to determine what hospitals meet their set of requirements.

Computerized Management Services, Inc. utilizes comprehensive software that simplifies all aspects of credentialing services. Credentialing software makes the overall procedure more efficient and provides ease of access to staff members. Additionally, all software can be integrated to assist and work in congruence with currently existing programming and internal procedures.

General Management Consulting Services

General management consulting services are used across the globe to improve overall performance by analyzing organizational procedures and implementing new plans for improvement. Additionally, general management consulting services provide insight, objective advice, and access to our specialized expertise.

Our consulting services can help radiology practices, clinics, and imaging centers both streamline and improve their overall efficiency. CMS can assist clients with concerns regarding internal and external processes, and clients will be provided with ample suggestions that can improve efficiency, convenience, and the ultimate success of their practices.

If your hospital-based radiology practice, imaging center, or clinic is in need of professional guidance contact Computerized Management Services, Inc. We provide radiologists in Southern California and throughout the Southwest with the tools, insight, and necessary implementations to grow and develop successful practices.