Computerized Management Services, Inc. is a premier provider of radiology practice management services. Our portfolio of business management services are heavily focused on optimizing radiology practice revenue and are centered on our world-class radiology billing services.


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Radiology Services for Southern California and the American Southwest

Computerized Management Services Inc. is a California based business that specializes in assisting radiology practices and hospital-based radiology groups and imaging centers with radiology billing services and medical practice management. 

After hours of taking x-rays, interpreting diagnostic imaging films, and reviewing ultrasounds most radiologists don’t want to then deal with hours of deciphering billing and other non-medical related aspects of the job. That’s where we come in.

Computerized Management Services, Inc. will not only provide the tools to simplify billing and retrieval of payments, but we utilize cutting-edge technology and coding to provide the most efficient infrastructure based programs available.

Whether you utilize our services for basic radiology billing or to track and document electronic health records, the professionals at CMS Inc. provide exceptional data management systems for our clients.

Simplifying Radiology Services

CMS Inc. knows that most medical professionals didn’t enter the field to crunch numbers and stress non-medicinal related aspects. Our in-depth and comprehensive services can be utilized to effectively assist hospital-based radiology groups and clinics with revenue cycle management, electronic health records, and general medical practice management.

If your hospital-based radiology group, practice, or clinic requires professional medical practice management assistance, contact Computerized Management Services, Inc. and let us ease some of your burden. We have the necessary experience, tools, and dedication to provide the world class products and services that simplify all aspects involved with radiology management. Our revenue cycle management will make receiving and collecting payments easier and our radiology management services will help stream line the ancillary aspects of the practice.

Computerized Management Services, Inc. provides its services to hospital-based radiology groups, practices, and clinics in the Southern California area and throughout the Southwest. Contact us today with any additional questions, inquiries, or concerns you may have with your practice.